The tax group provides a broad range of tax services for both companies and individuals. Our team of experienced lawyers have the industry knowledge and skills to help you or your company navigate the ever-changing tax landscape.

Our tax attorneys have a wide range of experience both domestically and internationally. Clients are given proactive advice to deal with issues such as tax structuring, compliance, and restructuring, while being informed of key tax policy considerations.

Zahn Law Global provides:

Federal tax policies continue to shift, forcing businesses and individuals to anticipate changes and plan proactively. Our tax group assists clients in planning so that they can manage the challenges and opportunities presented in federal tax.

Our tax group assists clients with issues such as U.S. taxation of foreign businesses and individuals, foreign-source income earned by U.S. resident individuals or corporations, and optimal structuring for cross-border issues.

We advise clients on the most efficient way to create tax structures while analyzing tax problems and creating solutions.

Different methods of business structuring can be implemented to create a beneficial tax structure. This includes the creation of holding companies, which may be used to protect business assets and provide tax advantages.

Our tax group deals regularly with creating tax plans for foreign controlled companies, focusing on ensuring the business is compliant with U.S. federal tax law while providing strategic tax advice.

M&A tax structuring is an integral part of a business transaction. Our tax group works together with transactional lawyers to ensure the management of tax risk and a smooth transition.

While the cryptocurrency industry may be volatile, our tax group advises clients with necessary information for tax compliance and assistance with navigating the complex policies around cryptocurrency and its tax implications.

We provide clients with expertise on managing global tax exposure. This includes ensuring compliance with domestic and international laws, assisting with global transactions, and managing the risk of double taxation.

Our tax group assists clients with reviewing the impacts of international tax reform, necessary restructuring, foreign tax credit planning, and requirements for U.S. tax return compliance.

We assist our clients, both domestic and international, on U.S. tax requirements and work alongside them to ensure compliance with the law.

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a U.S. federal law requiring financial institutions to comply with due diligence and reporting obligations. We advise clients on how to stay in compliance with FATCA while optimally structuring their business or personal accounts.

Our tax group advises clients on applicable tax treaties and the potential benefits they offer for the client’s tax structure.

We understand that each family and private entity is unique, so our tax group provides customized support that is tailored to each client’s needs. We provide this support to family offices, families, and individuals involved in a wide range of industries.

Our tax group is well-versed in providing clients support and guidance when dealing with tax disputes with the IRS, including management of any potential audits.

Transfer pricing relates to the determination of prices charged in transactions between related companies. Our transfer pricing services include analyzing factual materials and communicating our findings to clients to ensure outstanding advice related to pricing arrangements and tax valuations.