Estate Planning

Our Estate Planning Team works closely with clients to ensure a plan that aligns moral, ethical and financial values while living and after death.

Our focus is providing expertise that allows our clients’ wishes to be carried out as closely as possible while strategically saving time and money in the process.

Zahn Law Global provides:

Estate Planning is the collaborative process between clients and counselors to deliver a legacy plan incorporating a client’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations for their family supported by the needed legal documents, underpinned by a Revocable Living Trust.

For clients intending to incorporate charitable planning as part of their legacy, it is the responsibility of the counselor to assist the client in the proper integration of charitable planning techniques into the overall estate plan.

Estate Tax Planning is an integral part of the for many, but not all clients that are looking to minimize the impact of the estate tax on their heirs.   In the current environment the counter plan of Capital Gains Taxes versus Estate Taxes is a significant component of the planning in the mid-range estate.

All clients are concerned that what they leave to their heirs is protected from life’s vagaries, such as divorce, legal judgements or bad business or financial decisions.  Clients themselves are quite often concerned about their own liability, and the incorporation of Irrevocable Trusts, entity structures and restructures, and retirement plans may be included in the overall strategies to be considered.

Our estate planning team works in conjunction with our tax lawyers to analyze our clients’ financial picture to incorporate an income tax reduction strategy within the overall framework of the estate plan.