Dispute Resolution & Strategy Design

Zahn Law Global (“ZLG”) approaches a dispute or challenging situation with an extremely pragmatic attitude, assessing feasible strategies, often with creativity, appreciating our clients’ personal or business objectives.

Whether we represent a public or private company, entrepreneur, family office or individual, we use our deep knowledge and innovative methodology for strategically handling an array of situations (such as, disagreements, mediations, arbitrations and other ADRs) for a full range of domestic and international matters (such as, contracts, partnerships, cryptocurrency, dissolution, relationship termination)  to maximize our clients goals.

ZLG provides:

Breach of contract is a common issue clients may face. We assist clients in the preparation and process of a breach of contract claim, targeting our clients’ goal with efficiency and cost effectiveness.

We assist clients with preparing effective cease and desist letters when illegal activity must be stopped. Such letters could be used to later acquire a cease and desist order from a court.

Our team conducts formal or independent reviews that evaluate the procedure and operations of an organization. This is conducted to ensure all internal rules, policies and guidelines and/or external laws, regulations and industry standards, are being followed.

Our team conducts an inquiry to examine whether an individual has violated regulations, laws, or standards required of an organization.

The laws and regulations surrounding cryptocurrency are developing and can be complicated to follow and comply with. We assist clients impacted by breach of contract losses or cyberfraud to recover their funds from administrative requirement compliance to arbitration.

Our team of attorneys work with clients to effectively prepare the necessary documents and procedures for employment-related issues in a variety of industries and regions. We also work with clients who have employment concerns or disputes.

Our team of attorneys work with clients to effectively prepare the necessary documents and procedures for employment-related areas. We also work with clients who have issues related to employment agreement disputes.

Protecting the IP rights of our clients is essential. We evaluate our clients’ IPs (such as, patent, trademarks, copyrights) for infringement concerns and work with them to design a plan to protect and enforce their IP rights.

A tax audit is a formal examination by the IRS to verify information or determine the accuracy of tax returns. We assist clients with the management of their tax information prior to an audit, and also advise clients on the process of any related litigation or petitions.