Cross-border business is exciting and challenging. Our multinational, small to start-up, government, family office clients and clients of all sizes embrace the changing landscape around the world passionately yet recognizing the need for broad-minded creative legal solutions.

As practical cross-border advisors, our attorneys have decades of overseas experience and are fluent in a variety of languages. Throughout the year, our team members are on the ground on three continents to coordinate with our clients and their local management, lawyers, third-party providers, and representatives to better understand the foreign jurisdiction’s regime and discover the best course of action to deliver effective advice for a successful outcome.

Our attorneys have significant international corporate and commercial law experience with a keen understanding of cultural nuances, ensuring our legal guidance is pragmatic, thorough, and customized.

Reliance on our global relationships to focus on local issues is a key to our strong support of our clients to achieve a successful conclusion. Our clients future is dependent upon its perpetual growth and financial soundness, making our legal support with extensive cross-border experience essential.

Zahn Law Global provides:

Our team learns the details of our clients’ business plan and establishes the most effective structure (simple to sophisticated) that is tax efficient for international businesses and investments, reaching out to and relying on our international network to ensure processes are followed. With our local partners, we design a plan, have corporate documents prepared and the business model (new or restructured) established.

Strong Corporate Governance is an important step for companies of any size. Our team works with clients to create and execute the necessary documents to keep companies in good standing with the various countries’ laws and regulations.

Due Diligence is a crucial part of compliance for clients involved in transactions and any business venture in all countries. We tailor-select a team of professionals to assess the projects’ needs, review and analyze relevant information, and guide the client.

We help clients create effective employment agreements and review those already in place, along with other employment policy documents. These documents are essential for sound corporate governance and often critical at the time of a merger or acquisition.

Our team works to create IP holdings and protect the IP rights of our clients. Our services involve clients’ patent, trademarks, copyrights, and other IP registrations  and infringement disputes.

Our business team oversees M&A transactions for both small and large corporations, domestic and international. We assist buyers and sellers from the letter of intent to due diligence to post-closing integration and thereafter, cooperating with local counsel to ensure all legal issues are carefully managed to optimize our clients’ goals.

Non-disclosure and restrictive agreements and their protections are a common step at the beginning of a business relationship. Our attorneys have experience in multiple countries drafting these agreements for the benefit of our clients.

Our attorneys assist with the planning, controlling, and completion of small and large projects, which sometimes includes cooperation with outside attorneys, accountants, investment bankers and other professionals to accomplish the client’s goal.

With the rising cost of non-compliance, it is more important than ever for corporations around the world to focus on their regulatory compliance. Our team works with clients to make the necessary decisions to anticipate the changing landscape of compliance.

We advise clients on the most efficient way to create tax structures while analyzing tax problems and creating solutions.

Our team works with balancing laws and regulations in different countries involved in our clients’ businesses. We craft agreements (often in dual language) that are legally compliant, and respectful of local laws and customs, as well as that can be implemented efficiently keeping in mind banking, foreign exchange, dispute resolution, and judgement enforcement.

For clients in varying size businesses and industries, we work directly with boards, investment bankers, management, accountants and other professionals to take identified concerns and resolve them.