Business & Corporate

Businesses all need routine commercial support, rigorous corporate governance, creative transactional efforts, and a well-versed plan supported by a legal team that minimizes risk and maximizes long-term goals.

We partner with clients and stakeholders, who are start ups, business leaders, owners, small and emerging businesses, boards, and everything in between. All our clients require and demand focused commercial legal support to grow and mature their business. Our understanding that every legal project is different, and every business has its own approach to decisions is critical to our clients’ long-term competitive edge and industry growth.

Clients benefit from our deep knowledge of legal nuances and understanding of the extensive challenges encountered by businesses, whether domestic or international. As our attorneys conclude a project, we often start a new chapter with our client, taking into consideration our clients’ initial visions for their future growth. 

Zahn Law Global’s services include:

Our Business Team assists clients through the process of selecting the most advantageous business structure to the formation of the business. We also help clients re-structure existing companies into the most efficient business model for their needs.

We help clients create and upgrade effective employment agreements, along with other employment-related documents. We work closely with boards and management ensuring legal compliance in a merger or acquisition.

Our team works to create IP holdings to protect the IP rights of our clients. Our clients are supported to safeguard their patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other IP from branding to registration to infringement disputes.

We organize, create, and oversee the documents necessary for successful investment agreements between both individuals and corporations domestically and crossing borders.

Our business team oversees M&A deals for both small and large corporations, domestic and international, and from either the buyer or seller side. Our expertise and experience allows us to ensure due diligence as well as the smoothest transition and integration for our clients as possible while effectively working so our clients reach their goals.

With the rise of cross-border law enforcement, it is more important than ever for businesses to focus on their regulatory compliance. Our team works with clients to make the necessary decisions to anticipate the global and domestic changing landscape of enforcement.

Our team’s corporate experience allows us to design  shareholder agreements and essential corporate documents for small to very large companies and anything in between. These necessary formation tools strengthen our clients’ overseeing capability and ensure that our clients’ corporate documents are sufficiently flexible to be effective in the present and future.

Coordinating and overseeing projects in one or several jurisdictions on different continents, with a strong focus on the Asia-Pacific region can be daunting, but our team makes it simple for our clients. Together with the board, investment bankers, and management, we identify local and cross-border concerns and issues and outline and implement their solutions.

Whatever the industry, we understand and appreciate our clients’ business philosophy, corporate governance, and needs, to ensure it has its operational contracts that are protective and legally compliant. We craft business agreements (often in dual language) for acquisitions, confidentiality, transportation, manufacturing, licensing, leases, and more.

The world is small. Our attorneys work hand in glove with our clients for business, tax, and estate planning issues as well as transactions involving the U.S., Asia-Pacific region, and Europe. We have significant experience and connections and a strong focus on China.