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Bari Zahn Featured In NglccNY Excelsior+ Business Guide For 2021

By Bari Zahn

Diversity and Inclusion…
The Path to Collaboration Bari Zahn, Zahn Law Group, LLP

My lifelong goal has always been to leave the world a better place than I found it. I believe that goal is achieved through collaboration.

For years, I have championed diversity and inclusion by collaborating with the NGLCC/ nglccNY. I founded the Legal Industry Council at NGLCC and nglccNY while working at a global law firm. Predominantly due to the collaboration with the NGLCC, it was the first time that the global law firm I was with and an NGLCC-certified law firm got work with a Fortune 500 company.

Now it has come full circle. No longer at a majority-owned firm, I founded Zahn Law Group, recently LGBTBE-certified. I’m excited about the possibility of working with NGLCC in-house counsels who are corporate partners and other diverse-owned businesses. To further our goal of collaboration, Zahn Law Group is delighted to have become an NGLCC National Legal Partner.

I follow in the footsteps of others like President/ CEO of Outsmart Office Solutions Dawn Ackerman. A successful office furniture supplier, Dawn and her team used than LGBTBE certification to gain nearly 90% of their business, landing second-tier contracts with both Office Depot and the State of Washington. Second-tier collaboration is Zahn Law Group’s sweet spot.

We also bridge the gap by working with majority-owned firms to garner business from corporate in-house counsels. Our society celebrates diversity and inclusion, but what often gets lost is economic equality. NGLCC/nglccNY provide an opportunity for economic equality in terms of having our diverse-owned businesses considered by Fortune 500 companies and governmental agencies.

If we want to reinvent the economics of business and make it more global — it starts at the local level. Zahn Law Group wants to act as a resource to in-house General Counsels, and other business., supporting their diversity and inclusion initiatives. Together our diverse-owned businesses can expand our reach to work with larger firms. Eventually, we all work together, and everyone benefits. I am thrilled to be part of the NGLCC/ nglccNY and I look forward to collaborating with you!

Zahn Law Group, LLP is a cross-border, diverse-owned law firm located in the heart of New York City. Our attorneys have decades of experience from global law firms, and we specialize in orchestrating legal teams across the globe. Our firm provides intimate guidance and advice to our clients, while giving them access to expert and diverse legal minds. Through strategic alliances with minority and majority-owned law firms worldwide, we bring you an array of seamless transactional and litigation-related services under one umbrella. We help corporations, entrepreneurs, family offices and private clients with business and tax structuring, general counsel services and legal and compliance issues.

Bari Zahn, Esq. brings over 20 years of success at some of the most highly regarded global law firms to her own, bespoke law firm. On a daily basis, she finds creative solutions to her clients’ most complex legal and tax-related issues. She has supervised legal teams worldwide, and has extensive management experience as the Founder, former CEO and General Counsel of a non-profit organization.

• International & Domestic Tax, Trusts & Estates
• Cryptocurrency Transactions
• Tax Structuring & Advisory
• Family Office & Private Clients

• General Counsel & Corporate Governance
• M&A & Compliance
• Employment Negotiation & Dispute Resolution

• Strategic Alliance Practice
• Legal Supplier Diversity
• China Practice


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