• We are a dedicated team of diverse,
    top-tier, creative professionals.

  • We navigate complex challenges
    in an ever-changing landscape of international
    and domestic transactions and private client matters.

  • We deliver unique solutions to our clients'
    complex business, tax, and legal challenges.

Message From the Founder

At the heart of our existence, we at Zahn Law Global, LLP ("ZLG") are driven by a deep commitment to transform the legal landscape by fostering an environment that inspires positive change and embraces respect and inspiration. We are dedicated to infusing every interaction with care and purpose, partnering with clients who share our vision for a more harmonious world.

About the Firm

ZLG is a unique team of premier legal professionals with depths of experience from prior practices at top tier, global firms and corporations, practicing in multiple regions around the world. As global thinking facilitators and creative trailblazers, we advise our clients when navigating complex challenges in an ever changing landscape of international and domestic projects.

Alongside our devotion to embody this positive work culture, our legal practice encompasses expert domestic and cross-border tax, estate planning, corporate and business law, dispute resolution/strategy design services, and project management. Each service reflects our fundamental principles of empathy, understanding, and enthusiasm.

We at ZLG improve our clients' legal experience. We work with our clients, who share our vision for a more caring, purpose-driven world, while always keeping the focus on achieving their long-term results.

Our Core Values

These definitions of our Core Values showcase our law firm's commitment to upholding ethical standards, building strong client relationships, and fostering a collaborative and compassionate approach to the practice of law.

High integrity means to ethically and reliably deliver legal advice and counseling with the utmost regard for diversity and respect for cultural differences. We have an unwavering adherence to ethical principles and moral values in all aspects of our legal practice.

We prioritize honesty, transparency, and fairness in our interactions with clients, colleagues, and the community. We act honorably and adhere to our words. Upholding a strong sense of integrity allows us to build trust and credibility with those we serve.

Accountability and trust are the cornerstones of our client relationships and team vows. We take responsibility for our actions and decisions, ensuring that we deliver on our promises and pledges.

By fostering an environment of mutual trust with our clients, we create a foundation for effective communication, collaboration, and successful legal outcomes.

We approach every project and relationship with firm commitment and dedication. Our passion for justice drives us to work tirelessly on behalf of our clients, striving to achieve the best possible results.

We offer practical solutions to difficult problems and steadfastly implement them. We understand the significance of our clients’ legal matters and are devoted to providing them with the highest level of service and advocacy, with a target of exceeding their expectations.

Compassion lies at the heart of our practice, recognizing the human element in every legal representation. We empathize with our clients’ challenges and concerns, and listen attentively while providing support throughout the legal representation.

Our compassionate approach not only strengthens our client relationships, but also enhances our ability to tailor effective solutions.

We foster a culture of collaborative excellence, valuing the collective expertise of our team and the diverse perspectives we bring. Inspirational collaboration involves open communication, mutual respect, and the exchange of ideas, which result in stronger legal strategies to achieve a shared vision created through mutual support.

By inspiring each other, we continually elevate the quality of our work and deliver innovative solutions to our clients’ legal needs.

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Our Commitment to Diversity,
Equity & Inclusion:

Diversity Photo -- Diverse Hands Reaching for a Clock

Our greatest strength comes from our collaboration with, and respect for, one another. We have cultivated an extraordinary team of top-tier attorneys, accountants, and business professionals with diverse backgrounds, families, experiences, and ideas. Each of us shares the common goal of working in a respectful culture, while being the most exceptional advocates for our clients, and making a difference in our communities.

Many of our clients, staff, allies, and partners have sought us out because of our strength in, and focus on, diversity, equity, and inclusion. While many law firms have just begun to put greater focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, these core values are essential pillars upon which ZLG was built.

Our founder’s mission has always been to leave the world a better place than she found it. This core aspiration has served the firm well in attracting firm partners, attorneys and other professionals, whose values are in alignment with this goal. Our ZLG attorneys and professionals have become involved with an array of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion projects, in general, and in particular, Ms. Zahn has championed diversity, equity and inclusion by collaborating with the NGLCC/nglccNY, which included her founding the Legal Industry Council at the NGLCC/nglccNYU whiled working at a global law firm.

ZLG partners, attorneys and professionals routinely become involved in diversity, equity and inclusion programs, projects and initiatives, such as being invited to be a Judge for the American Bar Association Award Committee recognizing esteemed woman globally, becoming a preferred diverse law firm provider to a household name financial institution, working with various domestic and international Chambers of Commerce to promote business opportunities to diverse business owners, and mentoring diverse, young legal, business and tax professionals.

As a women-owned, WBENC and LGBTBE-certified law firm, a Freddie Mac Preferred Diverse Legal Provider, and an NGLCC National Legal Partner, we believe we can offer tremendous value to clients and firms looking to navigate a culturally sensitive climate and offer better problem-solving.

Certifications & Alliances

ZLG is deeply embedded in its community, and has certifications and alliances with a wide array of organizations: