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Global Thinkers.
Trusted Advisors.

With clients across the United States and in more than 27 countries, Zahn Law Global ("ZLG") is a New York based boutique law firm that delivers a wealth of high-quality, professional services to our clients, always keeping in mind efficiency and our client’s business and personal goals. ZLG embraces creativity and we manage our clients' needs to achieve optimal solutions, while providing expert advice to small and large domestic and global public and private businesses, private clients, and family offices. We guide our clients in dealing with simple and complex transactions in a variety of arenas across industry sectors.

ZLG is dedicated to fostering a respectful environment infused with inspiration and collaboration, while partnering with clients with care to achieve their purpose. We are incredibly proud of the premier quality of the partner-led services provided by our global thinking team to our clients, who day-after-day engage and refer our services as a result of delivering to them our innovative solutions.

US $10K-$100M+

Range of Projects

Our legal teams regularly handles simple to complex projects for U.S. nexus clients across the globe.


Awards, Certifications & Honors

ZLG’s experienced legal team received a wide variety of recognitions.


Countries With Zahn Law Clients

We have a global reach supporting clients in different legal and cultural regimes around the world.


ALERT: New Federal Rule Banning Non-compete Agreements Across Industries: Pros and Cons & What’s Next?

FTC Announces Rule Banning Non-Compete Agreements

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced a new rule banning non-compete agreements for employees across various industries. This significant policy change aims to enhance labor market mobility and worker freedom, but it comes with limitations and concerns that businesses and employees should know about.

Announcement of our “New” Name, New Website & Address

zahn law global logo

Zahn Law Global, LLP Is Now Our Name!

It is with great pleasure that we announce an exciting new chapter for our Firm. After serving clients in more than 30 countries for many years, our Firm has changed its name to Zahn Law Global, LLP.

As part of this new chapter, we are also delighted to launch our new website, Our new site showcases, more in depth, the diversity of our international and domestic business, estate planning, tax, strategic design, and dispute resolution practice areas. The website also features our functionally enhanced navigation tools to better serve our small to multinational private and public corporate, individual, and family office clients.

The new name and website reflect our growth and success as a law firm, while our Firm’s focus has remained unchanged. Zahn Law Global, LLP will continue to protect our client’s interests and businesses in a creative and cost-effective manner, while continuing to deliver high-quality, legal solutions with integrity, expertise, and a deep commitment to each of our clients. We are excited for this next chapter in our Firm and look forward to working together.

The Corporate Transparency Act was deemed Unconstitutional by a District Court: How Does this Recent Decision Affect Filing Obligations?

On March 1, 2024, in the case National Small Business United v. Janet Yellen, the U.S. District Court for the 11th Circuit (Alabama) delivered a noteworthy decision stating that the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) exceeded its congressional authority defined in the Constitution. This ruling is significant as Judge Lilies Burke concluded that the CTA is not authorized by the Constitution and commented that the ruling may fundamentally challenge and alter the CTA. The outcome is also expected to have far-reaching implications, potentially influencing future regulatory frameworks and discussions surrounding individual privacy and government oversight. For now, it is essential to understand how this decision may affect U.S. businesses, trusts, financial businesses or other entities immediate filing obligations, as we wait for a potential appeal of this decision to a higher court, or other cases filed.

Congratulations to our Founder & Managing Partner, Bari Zahn, for being named one of the Super Lawyers Top Women Attorneys in NY for 2024!

You can find Bari’s profile on page 35.

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Business Owners’ Reporting Obligations to the Federal Government

There is a new landmark law that affects almost all business owners, especially small and medium businesses. It must be understood so a business owner appreciates its severe legal obligations…

Tips For Navigating China’s 2020 Foreign Investment Law

On January 1, 2020, China made a bold move forward by opening its economy to foreign investors with the launching of its then new Foreign Investment Law of the People's Republic…

Removing the Cloak: The Corporate Transparency Act of 2021 – New U.S. Legislation Targeting Global Corruption

In the last decade, the United States lagged behind the rest of the world in requiring business entities to report identifying information on their owners as a measure to attack…

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